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Awareness Counseling

Providing mental health and substance abuse counseling with EMDR and other treatment modalities

In person and video sessions are now available!  If you are interested in scheduling a virtual or in person session, please send an email to, call 314-391-8292, or click the contact me button below.



**UPDATE!!  Effective 6/11/21- Per DORA, if both counselor and client have been vaccinated for COVID 19, it is the client's choice if they would like to have masks continue to be worn in session. If both parties are not vaccinated masks must continue to be worn.**

Life can be stressful

From pressures at work, to family concerns, or finding a more genuine sense of self, life can present us with many difficulties.  I can help walk with you through these times.

Feelings of depression and anxiety plague most of us at some point in life.  Significant life events shape our thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  You don't have to deal with feelings of hopelessness, guilt, sadness or anxiety alone. 

Whether you need a supportive listening ear, help to process traumatic or upsetting events or are dealing with everyday stress,  please reach out!