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My Specialties

I provide many mental health counseling services to adult populations, ages 18 years and older.

Individual Counseling


This is the main type of counseling that I provide. Individual counseling consists of a set appointment time for you and I to connect and work on the goals that you have.  Many of the barriers that are holding you back from happiness and feeling fulfilled can come to light in individual counseling were we identify patterns and gain insight into your life.

Individual Counseling with a Supportive Other


Sometimes clients like to bring another person for one session.  This might be to the intake, or once we are in the depths of therapy to help bring to light how others are experiencing your behaviors or to work to bring understanding to a struggle that you have been having with that person. All I ask, is that you inform me that you will be bringing another person with you before your appointment.



I'm trained to use EMDR to help clients reprocess uncomfortable and disturbing memories.  EMDR can be a very helpful treatment modality for some clients.  There are certain considerations that must be taken into account before jumping into EMDR work.  Please see the EMDR page for more information.